Rain Makes it Better, my shoot with Quest

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Rain Makes it Better, my shoot with Quest

Standing in my kitchen of my new studio, I’m preparing fresh french bread. Ya, I’m like Julia Child, if she was a man and a photographer! Cooking is a hobby, just like Photography was, but I have no real desire to stand in a 120º kitchen for 8 hours pumping out meal after meal. I’d much rather stand in the studio for 12 hours pumping out bad ass photos. I’ll keep cooking and baking as a hobby and a treat to unsuspecting clients! “welcome to my studio, want some fresh bread” it’s odd but I think it could work! Michael Herb Photography and Bakery?

Anyway, fellow photographer and friend Eric Ortiz, introduced me to Tattoo Model Quest G and suggested I get Quest in front of my camera for some “Michael Herb” branded shots. Just in case you were wondering, yes, that is his real name. His father was big fan of Johhny Quest. I suppose it is a good thing his father wasn’t obsessed with My Little Pony or The Care Bears! I think Quest is a badass name! There weren’t too many badass cartoons or tv shows for my parents to name me after. Can you imagine my name being Mork from Mork and Mindy or Danger from Danger Mouse. Well, Danger would have been a pretty bad ass name. Except during job interviews, “Hello, my name is Danger”…. Next please! I could have ironically worked for OSHA! “Hello my name is Danger and I’ll be your safety inspector”

Ok, I always digress with blogs! From Photography to “oooh look, squirrel!”

Eric and Quest arrived shortly after dark and we got down to business. First with some safe and dry studio shots. I had just got my new studio set up and dove in head first with an out of character maternity shoot in the AM then an edgy shoot with Quest in the evening.

We enjoyed the fresh french bread after a few studio shots and then went outside to setup the rain rig. Now, a little on this rain rig. I had built this 2 years ago after an impulsive trip to the Home Depot. I had just thought one day… lets build a rain making rig! So, I did. Cost me about $30.00 and an hour of my time. Not counting the hour in Home Depot looking for the right parts!

I had used it once the day I built it,  but my hose at my house didn’t have enough pressure. I put it away and nearly forgot about it. Fast forward to my new studio and the pressure is like a fire hose. A  3 inch main line coming from the road feeds a 3/4 inch faucet. Now that, my blog reading friend, is pressure! So much so that I had to turn the spigot only a quarter of the way on. Full blast covered the whole 50 foot wide parking lot! I figured this would happen and didn’t set my gear up until I knew how far the water would spray.

After dialing in the water and setting up 3 lights. Quest jumped in and actually preferred being under the water. I suppose it was nicer than the near 100º Nighttime desert temps. Las Vegas can be harsh but really, only horrible for 3 months out of the year. The reaming 9 months is actually pretty nice and kind of makes up for the 3 months of the year Hell decides to take a Vegas vacation. Although, you wouldn’t know we have 9 months of decent weather with as much bitching as I do. 

I wanted to get some emotion from Quest and knowing that he hadn’t yet mastered the mimed emotion, I instructed him to actually scream. Most people when asked to mimic an emotion they aren’t feeling have trouble. This is why, in my opinion, good actors are paid so much. My mother should have been an actor as she has always had the ability to switch emotions like a light switch. “GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM DAMN IT, I’VE TOLD YOU FOR THE LAST TIME! DON’T MAKE ME GET THE TRASH BAG” phone rings…. “hello, oh I’m wonderful!” in the most cheery, upbeat voice ever! It was kind of scary!  Anyway, When you ask someone to scream and they actually do scream, they can’t help but give you an emotion. Although, some people just can’t do it and their scream sounds more like a mouse than a lion. Luckily, Quest sounded more like a lion. It’s a good thing my studio isn’t in a residential area or someone would have thought someone was being stabbed. Well, if the screams didn’t do it the knife and fake blood would have!

We ended the night with a series of great shots. I’m happy with the outcome and will not be neglecting the rain rig for another 2 years! – Michael